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by arriej at 3:43 PM
(872 Views / 3 Likes)
Blockmadness and LOTC, you've probably have heard of at least one of them in the past. We are from now on working together as one community, somethings may look familiar to you and somethings may be slightly different to what you are used to however hopefully it is all for the best.

Despite our new website, users from LOTC & BlockMadness will still be able to log-in using their old account user details. We have merged user data from both the forums into one database therefore logging in should not require any extra work. Alongside user data, private conversations and user statistics should have been saved. Unforunatly post ratings have been reset. However, if your previous account was linked to Steam, you will have to re-link. Click here. If you want to be able to login with steam and you had an account in the past, be sure to login first and then link your account!

If you do encounter...